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Create a YouTube or Vimeo account. Use only these two methods of video submission. Use any video recording device you want to capture your workout, but you are responsible for the video quality (i.e., if we cannot verify the movements, your video may be rejected).


The athlete must identify themselves by their full name and Community (if applicable)

Identify which workout they are completing.

The athlete must verify that the prescribed weights are being used by showing on the video the weights/bars to be used.

Where target or equipment measurements are involved, the athlete must verify the prescribed height/distance by showing the measurement on video.

The athlete must be positioned during the workout so that the athlete’s completion of each movement as prescribed by the movement and workout standards may be verified.

All video submissions must be one continuous shot, from the introduction of the athlete, verification of weights/measurements through the completion of the workout. Any editing of the video footage will lead to the video being deemed invalid and the athlete’s workout score for that submission will not be accepted.

Title your video with the workout number, and your name with the following format “23.X + YOUR NAME + LAST NAMES”. Enter the workout and your time/reps in the description.


Once you have successfully uploaded your video, follow the instructions for submitting a video link into our scoring system, as well as enter your score into the scoring system.

Video submissions and scores may be Validated, Invalidated, or amended after review from the Judging Team.

Athletes submitting videos are advised to have someone strictly watching their movement to ensure each repetition meets standards, and that the camera captures the movement clearly. Penalties may be assessed due to an Athlete not meeting the movement standard or due to improper camera angles that do not permit the Judge to determine if the standard is being met.