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mad girya classic


Attention all Kettlebellmaniac! At MAD FITNESS FESTIVAL we are delighted to welcome Kettlebellme, with the participation of Aron Cordero and Guillermo Pajuelo. Get ready to immerse yourself in the world of Kettlebell training with exclusive access to seminars and workshops led by experts in the field. You will learn in a fun way to train and avoid any kind of impact or pain.

But that’s not all. You will also have the opportunity to participate in the first edition of MAD GIRYA CLASSIC, our Russian weight handling competition!

You will face two challenges that will test your strength and endurance:

– 5 Minutes maximum C&J with infinite changes (you choose the weight)

– 5 Minutes for maximum Snatches with Infinite Changes (you choose the weight)

The score will be obtained by applying a formula where the weight of the KB chosen to do the movements and the body weight of the lifter will be calculated (similar to the Sinclair coefficient).
The cost of registration is 20€ to compete individually.
Cash prizes and medals for the winners of each category 200€-100€-50€.

Don’t miss this opportunity to surpass your limits and set new personal records with the Kettlebell!

Are you ready for the challenge?

Sign up now and secure your place in this unique experience at the MAD FITNESS FESTIVAL!