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MAD Owners AND Friends

Are you a Crossfit Box or Training Center Owner?

MAD would like to have your support to make MAD2023 the biggest Crossfit event in the world. For this reason, MAD gives you the opportunity to get two VIP tickets for free for the 3 days of the event. In addition, you will have access to many other benefits.

How do I get my tickets?

This year we once again offer the opportunity to the Boxes to participate in the sale of tickets for the event. In this email, an Excel document is attached with the different types of tickets to attend as a spectator. For each ticket that the Box sells, whatever the type, it will receive a 15% commission on the price of the ticket. Upon reaching 10 tickets sold (adult), the Box is given two free VIP tickets for the 3 days. These tickets give access to VIP areas of the venue.

How do I fill out the document?

You will see that the document consists of 5 parts: The first part is to fill in contact and billing information. The next 3 are the same 3 tables with the different types of tickets for sale. The idea is that these tables are filled in and sent to info@madridchampionship.com on the indicated dates (July 1, August 1, August 18). The tables contain formulas, so you only have to fill in the column that indicates “amount” in each of them. Only the table for the period in which you are in should be edited. That is to say, until July 1, all tickets sold are recorded in the “July 1” table, thereafter and until August 1, all tickets sold are recorded in the “August 1” table, and from then until August 18, they are recorded in the last table “August 18”.

At the end of the document, there is a table with the sum of all tickets sold during the 3 periods. DO NOT WRITE ON IT. IT HAS FORMULAS THAT FILL IN THE DATA BASED ON THE 3 ABOVE. The following information is extracted from this table:

– The money that the Box must deposit in the account indicated below to receive all the tickets for the event indicated in the document. The account deposit must be made by the deadline of August 18. Tickets will be mailed to the address indicated on the document during the following week.

– If the Box has reached 10 tickets (adult), two free VIP tickets will be sent to the same address.


Other clarifications: The Box collects all the money from the tickets sold. It keeps 15% of his commission and the rest is deposited into the account, as indicated, before August 18. In addition, it is necessary to send the attached document duly completed the same day of admission.

What other benefits does the Owners & Friends program offer me?

The 10 Boxes that sell the most tickets will get access to Super VIP boxes in the best Caja Mágica location to accommodate +- 15 members of their community*. These exclusive areas will be identified with the logo of the corresponding Box!


*These spaces do not include the ticket, which will have to be purchased by the attendees.

**The deadline for counting tickets sold is August 18.

***It is the responsibility of the center to send the organization its logo in the format required for branding.

And that’s not all!

Those Boxes that have at least 15 volunteers will be entered into a draw for a Ruster worm (Worm – model for 4 people).


Share this link with your community:


In the registration form they are asked for the Box to which they belong.

The worm will be raffled and delivered over the weekend at the Caja Mágica, after confirming the attendance of the volunteers from those Boxes that exceed the 15 indicated.


Show that your Box and its community are the authentic Rx of the Event!